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Traditions Meal Solutions, a division of Valley Services Inc., is a national leader in providing frozen meals to the senior nutrition marketplace for use in home delivered meals and/or re-heating and serving at congregate dining centers. Our Registered Dietitians develop recipes and menus that consist of a protein, vegetables, and components such as bread, margarine, dessert, and milk to provide a meal that contains 1/3 of the RDA and DRI for the most commonly requested nutrients in senior nutrition programs and other health conscious applications.

Traditions meals are plated and sealed in black plastic trays which allow them to be reheated in a microwave or a convection oven.  Meals are individually labeled with the components of the meal, heating instructions and a code date indicating the date of production.  The meals are then stored in a holding freezer until it is time for them to be packed.  The process of packing includes building a variety pack of meals and components.   The packaged meals are manufactured adhering to a menu cycle that has been developed and approved by registered, licensed dietitians.  The menu is changed twice per year to offer a variety of meals.  Traditions meals may also be purchased in 20 meal packs consisting of the same meal.

Traditions continues to develop further markets for its meal solutions.  In recent years, Traditions has developed meal solutions for HMO patient discharge programs and insurance companies.  This initiative has grown rapidly, and we see this need continuing to grow over the coming years.  The re-admission rate for patients who receive our frozen meal packs has decreased dramatically and has opened a new market for wellness through nutrition.

Traditions actively markets to the following segments:

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